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Ensure safe, on-time and connected journeys

Connect your flights by supporting your passenger, cargo, airport and air traffic, and control operations on a single intelligent airport communications network to enhance airport performance, customer experience, safety and efficiency. Discover more in our overview!

Overview: Aviation solutions for safe, on-time and connected journeys

On time

Simplify operations and decrease downtime by placing air traffic control, surveillance radars, CCTV, operational communications, aeronautical business applications, and LAN networks on the same IP broadband network. By coordinating services across the air communications network, you can also take advantage of real-time information to improve your efficiency and flexibility.


Deploy high-definition video protection everywhere and use video analytics to improve safety. Support all operational applications with the right quality of service, cyber-attack protection, and high level of availability, as well as an LTE air-to-ground (A2G) communication network to keep real-time, ultra-broadband connection with planes.


Deploy an LTE small cell network inside the airport to improve passenger wireless experience in a crowded environment. Then, deploy an LTE A2G network to provide in-flight ultra-broadband infotainment. Finally, connect all stakeholders from the control tower to public safety agencies through the airport communications network.


See how our solutions can help you ensure on-time, safe, and connected journeys.

Converged IP/MPLS for Aviation

A converged packet-based communication network offers more flexibility while reducing cost and maintaining security.

Agile Optical Network and Microwave Packet Radio for Aviation

Introduce new applications and services with wavelength division multiplexing optical communications.

4G-LTE for Airports and Air-to-Ground

With LTE A2G you can deploy high-bandwidth in-flight connectivity to passengers and crew, while standard 4G LTE can serve terrestrial needs for the airport operations.


During this webinar you will be taken on a journey of why and how a new communications network strategy addresses the imperatives of enhanced passenger experience,delivering operational excellence and ensuring commercial and financial success

White papers

Mission-critical communications networks for air traffic management
Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) must control and guarantee the safe and efficient movement of aircraft in the sky and at airports while addressing a huge number of new challenges (traffic increase, drones, cyber security, migration, interoperability..) This new white paper describes the Nokia networking solutions available to ANSPs who need to meet today’s demands while preparing for the future.
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Air-to-ground LTE offers in-flight ultra-broadband
Open the skies to new possibilities with ultra-broadband connectivity for continental aircraft fleets.
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Re-imagining the airport network for 2020 and beyond
Today, operators globally are rapidly expanding and modernizing their airport infrastructure. They are competing fiercely to attract more flights and passengers. As a result, airport operators are revamping their communications networks, which are a crucial part of infrastructure.
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Build a mission-critical communications network to power IP CCTV
Overcome the challenge that comes with the increasing volume of IP video traffic by adopting an IP-based network architecture.
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Enhancing airport communications with LTE ultra-broadband
This strategic white paper offers analysis,designs, solutions and business models for creating a financially viable ultra-broadband wireless network for airports based on LTE
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Connected airports: how the Internet of Things will transform operations and passenger experience
This white paper examines the challenges,solutions and business considerations for leveraging IoT to transform airport operations and the passenger experience
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