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The world around us is changing. The advances in technology and innovation come from everywhere around us. Now is the time to look beyond our traditional business models to create new experiences and benefits for people – and companies.

Nokia understands the requirements of this new world. We select the best innovation from other companies and combine it with our technology, applications and services. Additionally, we help our partners and customers include Nokia’s products and components into their solutions to extend our reach further. We guarantee the  end-to-end security and quality.

Together with our partners, we  are creating new opportunities and exploring new markets.

Four ways:

We work with partners in four different ways:


We add market-leading partner products and services alongside our portfolio to extend more complete solutions to operators. Certifying partners to work with us will create integrated solutions that are fully tested, fully functional and fully supported.


We embed partner products and components into our portfolio to strengthen our capabilities. This enables us to tap into the innovation of specialists in their fields to offer operators better capabilities than we can provide alone.

Plug In

We are opening up previously internal application programming interfaces (APIs) to allow partners and other companies to plug in their hardware or software modules. Operators will be able to easily implement their own innovations – something that closed interfaces make difficult.


In a very new approach for us, our selected partners will include our solutions and innovations into their portfolio, so they build the best value propositions and address markets in which we are not active yet

Ready for action?

Security and quality are at the heart of our partnering approach. We ensure that the partner products and components in our solution meet the most stringent telco-grade requirements. Our strong service organization ensures seamless network implementation and integration of all components and provides the technical support interface for our customers.

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