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Network Planning and Optimization

Network Planning and Optimization

Nokia Network Planning and Optimization services help maximize performance from your network infrastructure, so that you can deliver the best  quality of experience to your customers, while also keeping CAPEX under tight control.

Unique capabilities such as 3-D Geolocation and Multi-layer optimization allow you to make the most of your existing network investments, only adding capacity when and where it is really needed.

Nokia Network Planning and Optimization – Assuring the future with Nokia NPO

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Nokia can help you to do more with your network by applying best practices gained from more than 1,400 network planning and optimization projects every year across the globe. Nokia network planning and optimization experts focus on quality as proven by the high performance of networks we have optimized. For example, in Korea the government communications commission (KCC) found that the quality of our LTE network was the best – beating both Ericsson and Samsung by a significant margin.