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Subscriber Focused Network Optimization


Subscriber Focused Network Optimization

Subscriber Focused Network Optimization – your network as your customers see it

Conventional network Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) cannot reveal what your customers are thinking. If they are suffering poor service quality that your network operations systems can’t see, you may never find out something is wrong until they move to another operator.

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Take a more customer-focused approach

Nokia Subscriber Focused Network Optimization (SFNO) takes a customer-focused approach to multivendor network operations. Instead of using KPIs, SFNO uses KQIs or Key Quality Indicators. These include factors such as service accessibility, retainability and responsiveness, helping you understand how they affect the satisfaction of your most important customers.

By setting KQI values that reveal when the customer experience becomes unacceptable, you can take action. You will be able to pinpoint those network elements and areas that are most damaging customer satisfaction, allowing you to improve them. 

  • 30 percent more customers get the right quality for the data services they are using
  • 10 percent fewer customers have unacceptable quality for voice calls
  • Improved KQIs for voice and data - accessibility, retainability and responsiveness are all improved

Nokia Subscriber Focused Network Optimization allows you to see how your customers are experiencing the network. Armed with this knowledge, you can take the actions that will make a real difference to customer satisfaction.