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IP networking for webscale

Public cloud providers, social media companies, application and content providers are becoming critical building blocks of the global internet infrastructure. The rich internet services they provide have become integral to our daily lives. People expect ubiquitous access, instant delivery, rich media experiences and seamless cross-application functionality from their apps.

Deliver the quality experience your customers demand, with the economies you need. Use our comprehensive IP portfolio with massive scale, high performance and real-time automation for your webscale data center, edge and backbone networks.

Address the unbounded growth of user demand

  • Empower your network with massively scalable, high-performance IP routing
  • Get ready for the petabit era with platforms delivering hundreds of terabits per second
  • Enjoy freedom of choice with a variety of systems based on custom or off-the-shelf silicon

Automate and accelerate new service rollouts

  • Reimagine your IP network with real-time, insight-driven automation that takes the guesswork out of performance management and security
  • Unleash the power of the cloud by using software-defined networking (SDN) to virtualize, automate and secure your data center and WAN infrastructure
  • Extend the elastic scalability of x86 server environments with virtualized IP routing products based on a proven Service Router Operating System (SR OS)
  • Reduce space, footprint, power consumption and operating costs

Boost responsiveness and security

  • Dynamically respond to changing traffic patterns and security threats with real-time visibility and control
  • Make network-integrated defense part of your security solution with carrier SDN control and big-data analytics

Nokia IP networking solutions enable webscale companies and service providers to prepare for the future by building bigger, safer and more adaptive networks. Our breakthrough silicon innovations, software and systems can help you modernize your IP network and seize new opportunities presented by the cloud, 5G and the Internet of Things.

Be ready for the unexpected with the Nokia FP4, the newest generation of our IP routing silicon.

Ready your network for ultra-broadband, the IoT and 5G with increased capacity and agile aggregation

Our IP networking solutions provide the visibility and control you need to adapt your operations for the cloud and IoT era. They let you close the loop by using real-time analytics and carrier SDN control to optimize service delivery and mitigate security threats.

Delivers flexible, secure and highly scalable networking for the DC and out to the wide area network (SD-WAN).