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Cloud Packet Core

Profit from mobile broadband and IoT/MTC opportunities and evolve to 5G with confidence

The Nokia Cloud Packet Core can help you profitably deliver converged broadband, Internet of Things (IoT), and machine type communication (MTC) services while creating an evolution path to 5G.

Our cloud-native packet core design provides the reliability, scalability, flexibility, and performance you need to meet the networking requirements and economics for a diverse range of services.

Our solution anchors multi-technology access across wireless licensed, shared, unlicensed spectrum and fixed network technologies. With hybrid access, wireless and fixed capacity is combined to increase bandwidth and performance, improve reliability, and enhance the experience.

The Nokia Cloud Packet Core delivers automated cloud networking with dynamic lifecycle management capabilities. These capabilities help you improve service velocity, agility, and operational efficiency for multiple segments and verticals, including consumer mobile, residential, enterprise, and government.

How can you benefit from our Cloud Packet Core?

Our packet core helps you seize new opportunities profitably and cost effectively.

  • Provide residential and business customers seamless multi-access connectivity for increased capacity and service resilience.
  • Expand your reach into new vertical segments
  • Diversify your offer with IoT and MTC services
  • Use flexible service chaining to make your service network more efficient, flexible, and programmable
  • Leverage 4G investment to support the evolution to 5G Core

The Nokia Cloud Packet Core lets you profit from opportunity and evolve with confidence.

Nokia's Cloud Packet Core - Profit from opportunity, evolve with confidence
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Whitepaper: Embracing an industry inflection point with the cloud-native packet core

Explore our Cloud Packet Core portfolio

We’ve designed our Cloud Packet Core portfolio to provide flexible deployment options. You can deploy our products as pre-integrated and modular server-based platforms or cloud-native virtualized network functions (VNFs) to drive improved economics. They provide cloud native design capabilities such as, software disaggregation, state-efficient processing, a common data layer, centralized and distributed architectures, as well as network slicing.

Cloud Mobility ManagerGet the scale and performance you need to manage the growth in network signaling

Cloud Mobile GatewayMeet growing capacity demands for enhanced mobile broadband and IoT/MTC services

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Our comprehensive Cloud Packet Core solution combines our field-proven software, cloud technologies, and mobile and IP networking expertise. It can help you speed service delivery, deliver greater scale and capacity, and operate your network more efficiently.